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Severance & Employment Agreements Attorneys in Dayton, Ohio

A severance agreement is a common document utilized by employers at the end of an employment relationship. Great care must be taken in drafting the document to ensure all appropriate statutory language is included.

Reductions if force often results in the creation of severance agreements and additional statutory requirements must be followed. Employers also utilize severance agreements in individual terminations to prevent the filing of wrongful discharge lawsuits that can be very costly and expend considerable time for the employer and the employees.

Employment contracts may alter the employment-at-will relationship. In such cases, it is essential to properly define just cause for terminating the contract, and the applicability of severance payments at the time of termination.

Employment contracts often provide for alternative dispute resolutions techniques such as meditation and/or arbitration and choice of forum clauses.

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Duwel Law has extensive experience in drafting and reviewing both severance agreements and employment contracts and representing parties involved in business disputes and litigation involving these types of agreements.

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