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Confidentiality Agreements Attorneys in Dayton, Ohio

Many courts consider non-competiton agreements to be restraints of trade. The enforceability of non-competition agreements is often at issue in business litigation matters.

Duwel Law can properly advise on the drafting of non-competition agreements and the enforceability of these agreements when a dispute arises.

Duwel Law represents clients in temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction hearings in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus Ohio areas.

Protect Your Business

Contact Duwel Law to discuss time and geographic restrictions, restrictions about working for competitors and the enforceability of non-competition agreements executed after employment begins.

Whether or not the parties have entered into a non-competition agreement issue may arise about confidentiality concerns and the protection and/or diversion of trade secrets.

Employees are required to preserve all employer confidential information and not disclose trade secrets even after their employment ends. Duwel Law has considerable experience and expertise in litigating and resolving disputes that arise in the areas of trade secrets, confidential/ proprietary information and unfair competition including representing parties at temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction hearings.