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Our firm has gained a valuable reputation among the people of Dayton, Ohio as a family-owned law practice that serves the needs of individuals and businesses that need trusted legal guidance through serious legal matters. In situations involving employment law or business-related legal issues, having attorneys with experience on your side can make a dramatic difference. Choosing Duwel Law can put you in a strong position.

Employment law involves a wide range of issues, including sexual harassment investigations, disability claims, shareholder disputes, and wrongful discharge. Our firm has decades of experience helping clients through these challenges, and we are ready to do the same for you. If you are facing legal difficulties resulting from an employment situation, let us give you the help you need.

The business world is full of complicated laws and regulations that must be adhered to in order to avoid serious problems in the future. From business formation and the drafting and reviewing of contractual agreements to general counsel and business litigation such as construction and design defense, you can count on our skilled attorneys at Duwel Law to guide you or your company in the right direction.

You don't have to feel overwhelmed by the legal challenges you or your business may be facing. Let our team provide the direction you need. If you are in the greater Dayton, Ohio area and you or your business are in need of reliable legal representation for employment or business law issues, call us at Duwel Law today to schedule a consultation about your situation.

Family-Owned. Client-Focused.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about where to turn when you or your company are confronted with difficult legal issues. Fortunately, our family-owned law firm here in Dayton, Ohio has over 50 years of hard-earned experience helping our clients pursue fair resolutions and favorable outcomes to a variety of challenges.

At Duwel Law, our highly-trained team of attorneys focuses on the intricate and complex areas of employment and business law. If you are a worker with a disability claim or feel you have been wrongfully discharged from your job, or if you are a business owner in need of sound legal counsel for your company, you can call us at Duwel Law to take steps in the right direction.

In addition to employment and business law, we also provide a wide range of services including human resources training to enhance productivity, mediation & arbitration to resolve disputes, real estate law representation, and general legal services for individuals and businesses throughout the greater Dayton, Ohio area.

Our goal remains the same — to use our extensive legal knowledge and experience to help you or your business make informed decisions and work toward a positive outcome to your case. When you work with us here at Duwel Law, you can have peace of mind that your legal matters are in good hands. Call our Dayton office today to schedule a consultation.


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