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The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services is quickly updating its unemployment benefit policies due to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) are having on our business communities. If you have any additional questions on how these updated policies affect you personally or your business, please be in touch.

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A Shell Protects, but Should Not Impede

Fear of risk, or the many misunderstandings that surround it, has long undermined collaboration in the design/construction industry.

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Communicate Your Imperfection

“Perfection” is not a standard of care. No design professional should be required to deliver against such an unrealistic expectation.

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Teach ’em to Fish

Risk managers too often embrace the opportunity to unilaterally control circumstances and events – if only for self-preservation – effectively mitigating company costs and liability, yet failing to develop a company-wide culture of better informed risk takers and project management.

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Grab a Coffee – but Stay for Dinner

The iconic 80’s movie, The Breakfast Club (Dir., John Hughes, Universal Pictures, 2/15/85) offers many available parallels between a misfit group of students forced to spend a weekend detention together and a set of designers and contractors forced to co-exist during a project’s life cycle.

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The ABC’s of Collaboration

True collaboration occurs when the owner and design professional meaningfully and actively communicate with one another to ensure that one’s project expectation aligns with the other’s anticipated design service.

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